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Casual Long Sleeve Men's Dress


This professional men’s dress shirt for 2024 features high-quality construction in a solid color, offering a timeless look suitable for both casual and formal settings. The long sleeves and plus-size availability ensure a comfortable fit for men of all sizes. Crafted from premium fabric, this shirt combines elegance with durability, making it a staple in any modern wardrobe.

Available in S, M, L, XL

Premium fabric for elegance and durability

Color: Dark blue

Solid Color: Timeless and versatile for any occasion.
Long Sleeves: Suitable for professional and casual settings.
Plus Size Availability: Comfortable fit for men of all sizes.
High-Quality Construction: Ensures longevity and wearability.

No assembly required; ready to wear.

What’s Included:
1 Long Sleeve Dress Shirt


Washing Care Instructions:
Dry Clean Only: Casual Long Sleeve Men’s Dress should be professionally dry cleaned. Never attempt to wash them in a washing machine.
Professional Dry Cleaning: Take the overcoat to a reputable dry cleaner who specializes in wool garments. They have the expertise and equipment to clean and maintain the quality of the material.
Storage: When not in use, store your wool blend overcoat in a cool, dry place with good air circulation. Use a padded hanger to maintain its shape and prevent wrinkles. Avoid hanging it in a crowded closet.
Protect from Moths: Wool is susceptible to damage from moths, so consider using moth repellents or cedar blocks in your storage area to prevent infestations.
Avoid Exposure to Rain: Wool can become damaged when exposed to heavy rain or moisture. Use an umbrella or a waterproof cover when wearing the overcoat in wet conditions.
Professional Repairs: If your overcoat experiences damage or needs alterations, seek the services of a professional tailor or cobbler who specializes in wool and outerwear. Attempting repairs at home can lead to further damage.
Avoid Over-Pressing: If the overcoat becomes wrinkled, avoid excessive ironing. Instead, use a garment steamer on a low setting to remove wrinkles, or hang it in a steamy bathroom to allow the wrinkles to naturally release.

S (Small): Usually corresponds to a chest circumference of approximately 33-34 inches, waist of 25-26 inches, and hips of 35-36 inches.
M (Medium): Generally corresponds to a chest circumference of about 35-36 inches, waist of 27-28 inches, and hips of 37-38 inches.
L (Large): Typically corresponds to a chest circumference of approximately 37-39 inches, waist of 29-31 inches, and hips of 39-41 inches.
XL (Extra Large): Usually corresponds to a chest circumference of approximately 40-42 inches, waist of 32-34 inches, and hips of 42-44 inches.